Arnolds Andersons

Izstāde "STRANGER" 

15.09.2020. - 20.09.2020

Arnolds Andersons (b.1991 in Riga, Latvia) lives and works in London, England. He graduated with BA(hons) from Kingston University in 2014, and has since had three highly successful solo exhibitions in the UK and USA. Most recently his work was featured in an exhibition at Christie’s auction house, London.

Andersons is intrigued by perspectives on the human condition. His paintings are mostly figurative scenes that have a glimpse of the brutal reality of our mortal existence. Painting subjects that reflect a modern decadent lifestyle where the underlying reality differs to the surface. He experiments with composition and texture, painting solidness against transparency, creating contrasting relationships.

Jana Nesteroviča

Izstāde "Sapņotāji" 

05.03.2020. - 02.04.2020.