900 Skaitās Suņu kuģa pakaļgals Soma Bioloģiski Suns kuģa pakaļgals Somas Pet Atkritumu Maisus rozā sakopt Piepildīt Ruļļos Pet kuģa pakaļgals Somas

€22.09 €27.62
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  • Suņu Metiens Postenis Tips: Pooper Scoopers & Somas

Tagi: mini suņu kuģa pakaļgals somas, rd290, pet pooper scooper, peles bezvadu rozā, sūdi, saites mājdzīvnieki, pooper scooper, dzīvoklis suns kuģa pakaļgals soma, suns, pet.

Andrey Galkin
The shipment of the product was slow. Once I made the payment, it took them almost two weeks to send the package. Then the shipping was also slow and it even came a few days after the range that was pointed. I also ask for a Gift label which was not placed to the order. There wasn't any try for communication. I send some messages, but none responds
Maks D1997
El cilindro interior es de papel pero la bolsa en sí no parece ser biodegradable. Parece plástico normal.

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